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Life On the Farm

Unicorn Riding Experience

Meet and ride a real life unicorn. 30 minute guided experience for children of all ages.


30 minutes  –  12 hours 30 minutes
From $56.00 / per group

What is it

Pivot Farm is home to many wonderful creatures big and small. We have chickens, goats, dogs, cats, horses, turkeys, other wildlife and yes a real life UNICORN! Her name is Lady and she only comes around once in a while to meet the luckiest kids in the area. She will be dressed up and ready to meet you and your family in the barn. There will be decorations and lots of smiles.

What is it?

This is a 30 minute riding lesson/experience on our decorated unicorn Lady. You will meet her in the barn, brush her, pick her hooves, give her treats and help get her saddled up. Then we walk you over to the riding arena where our host will walk with you and give you some simple tips on how to ride this magical creature. When you are done you can lead her back to the barn and give her lots of attention and probably some more treats too.


  • No previous riding experience required!

  • Suitable for all ages (not ADA compliant, sorry about that)

  • Bring your own riding helmet (bike helmets are fine)

  • Parking available

Unicorns aren't scared of rain, so please come prepared to get wet in the event of typical Northwest weather. 

What Else To Expect?

Pivot Farm is a real farm. Expect dirt and maybe some mud. We will wear masks if you request and have sanitize wipes if needed. It is also a home so we might have kids running around and toys along with other farm and home items.

Cancellations- We ask that you provide us with 48 hours notice if you should need to cancel to be provided a refund or to reschedule at no charge. Please understand that this is small family run farm, and we are offering these experiences on a one on one level which makes them AWESOME, but also means we are booking our time out for You. If you are not able to make it to your scheduled session, and let us know last minute, we are not able to rebook that time to someone else. Thank you for your consideration of our time and understanding on this matter. 

We look forward to your visit! 


Can I have more than 1 kid ride during my session? Yes you can have up to 2 kids per session ages 2-6. Ages 7+ is for 1 session.

Can I take pictures or videos? Yes

Can I bring my entire family? Yes but the sessions are designed for 1-2 small children

Should I wear boots? Probably. There is mud and dirt but it's up to you

What should I bring? The only thing we require is a helmet. Bike helmets are ok 


The host

Host image

Brandelyn Tafoya - Owner of Pivot Farm & avid equestrian with 26 years teaching riding lessons. Focuses on Safety and having a lot of fun! "When my daughter met Lady for the first time dressed in her Unicorn attire, I knew other little ones would love it just as much. I always love watching their first reaction when they see Lady in the barn ready to go."