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Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs
Ameraucana Hatching eggs

Ameraucana Hatching eggs

$45.00 USD

Current wait time for Ameraucanas is 2-3 weeks right now. 

If you are wanting this breed we suggest you order as soon as possible as wait times don’t decrease until Fall typically 

***Shipping Available***


Our Lavender Ameraucana Flock

If you are looking for true blue eggs, Ameraucanas are the right bird for you. An American breed developed in the 1970’s, these beautiful birds originated from the brilliantly blue egg laying Araucanas of South America, and are recognized as a separate breed by the American Poultry Association. Our Ameraucanas all have muffs and beards.

Not to be confused with “Easter Eggers” or “Americanas” which are commonly available at feed store, our birds are from purebred stock and are from bright blue, not green, eggs.

This flock is truly one of my favorites, as they are so friendly and strikingly beautiful! Our flock currently consists of self-blue (lavender) Ameraucanas. We do have one white Ameraucana hen with them, so there will also be some blue, black, whites or paints as well with these hatching eggs.  Hatches tend to hatch around 50% Lavender. 

All of our Ameraucanas are bred toward the standard of perfection (SOP) and for blue egg color.


Local Pickup Available

Redmond WA 98053

Please call/text 425-761-1543 or email pivotfarmco@gmail.com or send me a Direct message on IG @Pivot.Farm

When ordering hatching eggs:

Eggs are sold straight run meaning we cannot guarantee the gender. Each chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female.

We receive a 95% hatch rate on all of our hatching eggs here at the farm when we use our incubators. We cannot guarantee the hatch rate of shipped eggs because of postal handling as well as everyones individual hatching practices. Air cells and viability can be can be damaged during shipping.

Here is the hatching egg info from our site:
All of our orders are packed in specially made foam shippers and insured through USPS Priority Mail.
It is best to candle your eggs when they arrive to make sure their air cells are in tact after transport. If they are not in tact or  are damaged then you can file a claim right away through USPS.

If you did not candle them upon arrival, and they don’t develop you can still try and file a claim. It’s up to the I post office on wether or not they will cover them.

Make sure you file your claim for “Hatching Eggs“ not just “Eggs”.
Here is the number to file a claim

How to File a Claim for Damaged Eggs
1. As soon as you open the box and see that they are damaged contact the post office. For some claims they need verification of damage. Make sure to take pictures of the candled eggs. Verification of damage has to be by a USPS employee. You can get this by driving to the post office and talking to the manager OR you can call them and have your mail carrier view it. This needs to be done ASAP. You cannot wait a week or a month.
2. Call 1-866-974-2733 and file a claim. They will give you a claim number. Write this down.
3. You will receive a form. Make sure to mark #11 (Animals).
4. Send in Proof of Value