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Life On the Farm

Intro to Goats & Milking

Tons of valuable information to start your journey with dairy goats


What is it


Intro to Goats and Milking

Learn how to:

Select and locate the right goats for you.

Raise and care for goats, including proper fencing and housing, intro first aid, hoof trimming, immunizations, deworming, nutritional needs, and milk stand training.

Herd disease testing

Breeding your doe and options available.

Kidding overview

Create a milking schedule that works for you and your does.

Hand Milking Demo + Proper Milk collection and storage 

Fun ways to use your bounty of fresh milk!

The host

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Brandelyn Tafoya Having dairy goats on our homestead has been a life changing experience. I am so excited to share with you and get you started!