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What is it

Over the last 14 years of living on Pivot Farm, we've encountered our fair share of situations where a little expert help could have saved us bigtime. For example, if I had known that baby chicks that are born in coops under the hen are at serious risk from rats and other small predators, we would have known to use 1/4 hardware cloth to enclose them for safety. I always wished that I had someone that I could call on and ask for help. We learned many things the hard way and wasted countless hours and money with my we'll just figure it out" mentality. That's why I am offering this service. I don't want you to go through the same growing pains that we did.

With this service I'm offering online booking consultations for homesteaders looking to gain insights into sustainable farming, animal husbandry, and garden cultivation. My name is Brandelyn Tafoya, and I bring a wealth of experience to the table.

In my consultations, you can expect guidance on the following areas:

**1. Goat Care and Management:** Whether you're raising Nigerian dwarf goats or any other milking goats, I can provide invaluable insights. From hoof trimming to constructing enclosures, feeding, handling illnesses, or ensuring general goat upkeep, I'm your go-to expert.

**2. Chicken Farming Expertise:** I cover all aspects of poultry farming, from egg incubation to raising chicks, nurturing them into healthy hens and roosters. Learn how to utilize your flock for both food and egg-laying purposes, gaining comprehensive knowledge from start to finish.

**3. Garden Guidance:** For both small-scale and large-scale gardening projects, I provide insights on planting, soil composition, plant care, bed preparation, and insect management. Discover which plants thrive in your specific region and the sunlight requirements they need for optimal growth.

My consultation services are tailored to cater to both novice homesteaders embarking on their first projects and established businesses seeking specialized expertise. I can't wait to meet you and learn about your amazing project(s)! 

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Brandelyn Tafoya