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Baby Farm Animal Snuggle Session

30 minutes with the baby goats, pigs and chicks of Pivot Farm. You pet, play, feed, record, laugh and of course snuggle with the new born babies on our farm.


What is it

Pivot Farm is expecting several new baby goats very soon! They will soon be bouncing around, nibbling everything and lounging in their pen and you can join them! On top of this exciting news, we have new additions to the farm this year. We will be welcoming 3 baby pigs in April (starting the 5th) that you can say hi to. As always we will have baby chicks to hold and our adorable ponies to feed treats as well. Lots of experiences for you and your family!

These are private sessions, where you and up to 4 other people get to have a full 30 minutes to pet, hold, feed, and brush these amazing little bundles of fun! Watch as they run and jump around, you cant help but smile! You can ask questions and learn about goats, pigs, chicks and all the other aspects of our farm!

What to expect:

Please show up 5 minutes before your session and park somewhere on the designated gravel area near the house. Early arrival can sometimes put pressure on the snuggle session ahead of you so please be courteous. Look for the Guest Parking Signs. You will be greeted by the host and given a few simple guidelines on where to go and how to handle the goats. The host will be available if needed for questions.

We have 2 goat areas. The goat pen is a small area next to the barn and can be a tad dirty from time to time so expect the babies to jump on your clothes with dirty hooves. There is a stump to sit on in the pen for snuggling and pictures. The goat pasture is larger with a covered area we like to use on nice days so depending on the weather, you could end up in either. It's a farm so make sure you are ok with a little mud, droppings, hay and dust. In the event of heavy rain we can move into the barn or a stall as well. We provide goat feed & sanitize wipes. Please do not bring any of your own food and please remove all sharp objects from your clothing. The goats love to nibble hair and other loose strings like zipper cords and fringes so be prepared to remove these things from their mouths. They don't bite but they do nibble so please be prepared.

Once your session is over, the host will let you know. If another family is waiting we will ask that you be courteous and exit for the next session. 

Cancellations- We ask that you provide us with 48 hours notice if you should need to cancel to be provided a refund or to reschedule at no charge. Please understand that this is small family run farm, and we are offering these experiences on a one on one level which makes them AWESOME, but also means we are booking our time out for You. If you are not able to make it to your scheduled session, and let us know last minute, we are not able to rebook that time to someone else. Thank you for your consideration of our time and understanding on this matter. 
We look forward to your visit! 

The host

Host image

Joe Tafoya - Former NFL player and co/owner of Pivot Farm. Q&A

Q - How long are goats pregnant?  
A - 145 - 155 days or about 5 months.

Q - How many babies can each have?
A - Between 1 & 4 "Kids" boys are called a bucks or billy and girls are called nannies or does

Q - Why are your goats so small?
A - The Pivot Farm goats are a special breed known as Nigerian Dwarf known for their small size and their creamy milk! Yes they are actually dairy goats!