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Farm Girl Cooking

Brandelyn Tafoya

Owner - Pivot Farm

CEO of Lady 12TM Fashion Apparel with distribution into over 300 retail locations. Owner of Farm Girl GlitterTM Apparel. 15 years Owner at Pivot Farm and host of the new podcast Homestead Girl.

Replace any ingredients with allergen free 
My family has a few members with gluten, dairy and meat allergies. We have had to adjust our lifestyles around what we buy and what we cook. When using any of the Farm Girl Cooking recipes, you should always use your favorite ingredients.

Go farm fresh when you can
We live on a farm with goats, fresh produce and lots of eggs but we still don't have all of the necessary items to complete some recipes. That's why we love farmers markets and local grocery because knowing exactly where the item came from is important. My point is, take your time to learn more about what goes on the table.

Preparation for the win!
Canning, pickling, freezing, storing...when you are preparing your food sometimes the process starts weeks ahead of time.