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Pivot Farm Goats
Pivot Farm Goats
Pivot Farm Goats

Pivot Farm Goats

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Pivot Farm Breeding Program


One of the first things I decided on when I started my journey to raising goats for dairy, was that I wanted to breed the very best quality babies that I could, so I could find them the very best of homes! If you are looking for cheap babies that are pumped out for quantity, this is not the place for you. I learned early on with livestock that you get what you pay for, and know the importance of quality genetics, environment, and starting with healthy animals. What you spend up front will likely save you lots of money in vet bills and heartache down the road. 


Each of our does and bucks were carefully selected so that I could offer some of the very best milking goats and pets you will find. They all come from great milking genetics, and are beautiful and healthy representations of the Nigerian Dwarf Breed. Our does have wonderful, easy to milk udders, and our babies are highly socialized with humans helping them to go onto making the best pets you could ask for!! We have strict bio security protocols and our herd is clean and tested from diseases. 


Our 2024 kiddings are scheduled as follows:


Jelly Bean X Flat Rocks Whiskey -  Kidding in early April

Poppi X Flat Rocks Whiskey -  Kidding early April

Lollipop X Pivot Farms Jigsaw Puzzle - Kidding Early April

Blossom X Pivot Farms Diablo  - Kidding July or August

If you are interested in getting on our waitlist for the 2024 kidding season, please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or text. 


Purchasing Info:

We will not sell one baby by itself, unless you have another baby of the same age as a companion. Goats are very social animals and are miserable alone. 


Our doelings range in price from $500 - $850

Wethers range from $400 - $500

Bucklings are offered in very special circumstances and range from $700 - $950