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Making Goat Cheese (Chevre)

Posted by Brandelyn Tafoya on

Making Goat Cheese (Chevre)

One of the ways we use our fresh goats milk from our adorable little Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats is for making cheese. Recipe BELOW

I use the half gallon mason jars to store our fresh milk, and when I have 2 full ones it’s time to make some cheese!
Making goat cheese (or Chèvre) is so much easier than it seems like it should be. It's a task that can really be happening in the background of life, as it sits to culture and drain. It seems like it should be a complicated process, but when I went to make it for the first time I was like “Really? That’s it?”
Growing up in a suburban area, in a culture of convenience and only getting food from the grocery store, I feel like I have had that feeling with so many things. When you are only exposed to the end product, you never really question how it got made. It’s all a mystery. Growing, raising, processing, and making my own food has been such a process of discovery for me!! I am now really enjoying demystifying it for others!

When you make cheese, you end up with 2 products in the end, the cheese and the left over liquid called whey. In fact, the majority of what you will get from your gallon of milk that you start with will be whey. There are many uses for whey in baking and cooking, or you can feed it to your chickens, pigs, or dogs as a great source of nutrients. I really really dislike pouring it down the drain. If nothing else, pour it in your garden soil!! This last year we raised pigs for pork, and their very favorite thing was my extra old curdled milk (I call it pig cheese now) or whey poured over their food. I actually miss having them around for that reason. Absolutely nothing went to waste!!!

The cheese you and up with can be put in a mold if you’d like it to be a certain shape, I have linked some cheese molds here. Or you can just put it in an air tight container in the refrigerator. My favorite is grabbing some fresh chives and garlic, chopping it up really small and mixing it in!! It’s delicious!! I also love plain chèvre with Joe’s smoked salmon when we have that.

Here is a link to some cheese making supplies and the cultures I love to use!

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Our little herd of dairy goats (4 ) has been such a huge addition to our homestead! They are easy and inexpensive to care for, and the output and reward is huge!!! We have 4 breedings planned for this spring, so if you are interested in adding babies from our farm to your family, you can find more info here and please contact me directly so I can put you on our list!!

I also have added a consultation service to my website, so you can book a session with me and I will help you through FaceTime figure out how to add goats or chickens to your property no matter how small or large!! More Info here  



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